Corporate Law, Start-ups, M&a And Structured Transactions

Within a highly dynamic and multifaceted business environment, our Firm assist its clients navigating the meanders of corporate relations, corporate to corporate relationships and formation of new businesses, offering objective technical solutions to issues of varying degrees of complexity.

For that purpose, the Corporate Law Desk carries out the following activities:

  • Giving legal advice to incorporate, transform, change or dissolve any Company;
  • Structuring, negotiation, drafting and implementation of corporate acts and documents (such as Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, Shareholders’ Agreements, Companies’ Dissolution);
  • Giving legal advice to the development of corporate relationships and accompanying regular corporate acts such as Shareholders’ Meetings, Shareholders’ Decisions, among others;
  • Giving legal advice for the fulfillment of several corporate obligations, such as registry before fiscal authorities, regulatory agencies, the Central Bank;
  • Giving legal advice in all stages of the existence of a Start-Up – formation, incorporation, angel and seed capital investment, investment agreements, public offerings, etc.;
  • Structuring Start-Up investments, preparation, drafting and implementation of agreements and contracts as necessary or relevant to such purposes;
  • Giving legal advice in stakes’ sale, purchase, swap, from negotiation of terms, preparation and drafting of agreements, contracts, side-letters and other necessary or relevant documents to such purposes, to implementing of the agreed upon structure, within the Brazilian country or in cross-border transactions;
  • Structuring of joint-ventures, investment agreements, guarantee agreements, unincorporated companies, specific purposes companies, among others, for single or multiple companies, as necessary for de development of projects, lines of businesses or businesses areas.